LIBS Sci-Trace

Robust and reliable

The Sci-Trace laboratory LIBS

Sci-Trace is the configurable AtomTrace Labs LIBS platform designed to provide researchers and industry with maximum opportunities for their LIBS experiments.

Sci-Trace consists of an instrumentation cabinet and the LIBS interaction chamber mounted on an optical experiment board.

LIBS Sci-Trace

  • LIBS Sci-Trace Laboratory, fully configurable LIBS spectroscopic systemPossibility to select a combination of interaction chamber, lasers, detection system, equipment, configurations for LIBS, LIBS double pulsation techniques, LIBS + LIFS and possibly other spectroscopic techniques such as NIR spectroscopy, Raman, etc …The entire system can be completed by a laboratory instrumentation cabinet consisting of the optical experiment board on the top and a storage system with the rack system and shelves inside. This frees up a lot of space for your experiments and analyzes.
  • Designed by top scientistsLIBS Lab Sci-Trace is designed to be open and ready for various extensions and experiments in research and analysis. Lets focus entirely on the LIBS method and its results rather than troubleshooting and building the system.
  • Intuitive control
    Integrated software for controlling all elements of the configuration – from sample manipulation to adjustment and adjustment of all active elements to collection and processing of spectra.
  • Plug-in concept
    Easy extension of the system by the user, wide choice of modules: interaction chamber components, lasers, spectrometers, detectors, mass flow controllers, etc … The user simply adds the new module to the configuration and activates the plug -in matching software.

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