LIBS Product Range

Quantum-RX offers you the exclusive range of SciAps portables LIBS analyzers.

From sophisticated analysis of ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to basic sorting of scrap materials or scrap, SciAps offers a model tailored to your specific needs and application. And we are defying obsolescence. Any less powerful model can be upgraded to a more powerful model at any time. You are never late or stuck with a SciAps LIBS.


Safety: Beyond pure performance, the Z also ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for its operators:


The Z has a sample detection system that provides the safety of the Class 1 laser conditions. If there is no sample present, the laser will not trigger a single pulse, which means that no stray laser light will be fired into the empty space. If a sample is removed during the test, the laser stops immediately once the sample is a few mm away from the window. Because Z will not fire in empty space, it can be used in Class 1 laser conditions. Thus, Z provides the analytical benefits of a 3b laser in a device that can operate in Class 1 conditions. This safety advantage is only achievable with a millijoule laser, low frequency. High frequency rate class 3b lasers, like those of other portable LIBS devices available, can not operate with this mode of security, and require laser safety training of operators by associating the wearing of protective glasses. The class 1 compliance certificate in France is available on request.

Included on all models:

  • Manage your data and fleet anywhere, print or send results in a simple and transparent way.
  • Built on the same Android platform to provide you with global connectivity.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and USB connection
  • In terms of visibility, the Zs have the latest 5 “Smartphone screen for easy viewing in all lighting conditions.

  • A color video camera is integrated to view the analyzed area on samples with high image quality.

  • Ergonomics: The new Z is exceptionally well balanced, with a specially designed ergonomic handle that allows for all-day analysis without operator fatigue.

  • Spectrometers: The Z-300 uses a patented stacked spectrometer design and includes an additional spectrometer compared to the Z-200. Its unique design offers a wide range of high resolution wavelengths, superior to any other portable LIBS. The Z-300 wavelength range is 190 nm to 950 nm. In addition to the elements measured by the Z-200, this wider wavelength range also measures: H, F, Br, Cl, N, O, S, Rb, Ce and K.

  • Laser: The key to good LIBS analysis is getting a good plasma. The best plasmas come from the highest power densities in the sample. Z’s PULSAR laser technology triggers laser pulses in the range of 5 to 6 mJ / pulse, up to 50 Hz, with pulses of 1 ns. MJoule lasers give superior analytical results.

  • Measurement window: Unlike XRF analyzers, there is no sensitive sensor element near the front window. Z uses a virtually impenetrable “Pyrex” type quartz window. Because LIBZ collects light in the visible and ultraviolet spectral region, rather than in the X-ray region, a durable and thick window can be used as long as it is transparent to visible and UV light. The light passes through this quartz window, then enters a well protected spectrometer. It will be difficult to break this detector window!

  • Batteries: The newly designed Z consumes much less power and allows 6 hours of work and more with a single lightweight battery. Connect the AC adapter to recharge and power the analyzer. External battery charger and spare battery included.
  • Update from model to model whenever you want.
  • Certification to CE and French standards
  • The lowest after-sales service costs in the industry (See below).


Depending on your needs and applications, we are at your disposal to define with you the most suitable model, while taking into account your budget constraints and profitability.

The lowest after-sales service costs in the industry: thanks to our extensive experience in portable LIBS, we know and master perfectly the statistics and costs, the loyalty of our customers is what is most important for we. Click here for more information


Our highly qualified and experienced teams in LIBS are able to provide you with high quality training, which will allow you to sustain your investment by ensuring that your operators use your LIBS analyzers safely, and the most optimal way possible according to your application and your specific needs.

Your application is not standard? your needs are specific? Here too, our teams of engineers are at your disposal to evaluate technically and financially the possibilities. From the feasibility study, to the design of specific calibrations, we are at your side to design the bespoke LIBS analyzer you need.

The range of our portable LIBS analyzers

Portable Analyzer Z-9

Premier de la 3ème génération d’analyseur LIBS portable, apportant de nombreuses innovations, tout en bénéficiant des caractéristiques uniques de notre plateforme (pas de rayons X, laser Classe 1, connectivité, Wi-Fi, caméra, etc…). Appareil très compact fonctionnant sous air ou avec purge à l’argon, et répondant aux besoins de nos clients en terme d’analyse et de tri de routine rapide pour les métaux et alliages.

Portable Analyzer Z-50

Entry door of our LIBS range, it is our most affordable offer, while benefiting from the unique characteristics of our platform (no X-rays, Class 1 laser, connectivity, Wi-Fi, camera, etc …). Air operated unit, without argon purge (spectral range 190 nm to 625 nm), and meeting the needs of our customers in terms of routine analysis, for metals and ores.

But … there is another big difference between the Z-50 and the other LIBS ! Our customers can start with the Z-50 and upgrade it to Z-200, 200 C + or Z-300 at any later date. If your analytics needs change, you will not be blocked by the poorly performing and non-scalable LIBS platform from a different vendor. The Z-50 can be updated and evolve to any higher model.

Applications: Recycling and analysis of metals

Portable Analyzer Z-200

Our system with 2 standard spectrometers and a range from 190 nm to 625 nm. It is suitable for the analysis of any element of the periodic table with the exception of S, Br, Cl, F, Rb, Cs, H, O and N. The Z-200 can be preconfigured for specific applications such as as alloys, minerals and soil of the environment. Operators can also use PC software to create their own calibrations for a variety of material types – glasses, polymers, archaeological and forensic samples, and many more. It comes pre-calibrated for a suite of items in these cases. Our customers can acquire Z with our empirical software applications and complete PCs, and calibrate them using their own materials.

Applications: Metal Analysis, PMI / CND, Environment, Geology, Custom Applications

Portable Analyzer Z-200+

An analyzer dedicated to metal analysis and able to measure the carbon content in alloys. The only portable analyzer in the world capable of analyzing carbon in stainless steels and steels – even those of grade L. The Z-200 C + is pre-calibrated for iron-based alloys and stainless steels with carbon. The LOD of the carbon is about 0.01%. Other alloy bases can be added, including nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, etc. Users can also add alloys and calibrations.

Applications: Metals Analysis, PMI / CND

Portable Analyzer Z-300

Analysis of all the elements of the periodic table. Z-300 is the LIBS of choice for applications in geochemistry, mining, oil and gas. It is a 3-spectrometer system, covering a wide wavelength range from 190 nm to 950 nm. This range is used to analyze the entire periodic table, including critical elements such as S, H, halogens and others. Like the Z-200, the Z-300 is calibrated at the factory for specific applications in the mining and environmental fields. Examples include lithium in brines and hard rocks, beryllium, boron and carbon analysis, fluorine and sodium in soils or other materials. Operators can also use the supplied PC software to create their own calibrations on a variety of material types – glasses, polymers, archaeological and forensic samples, and many more.

Applications: Geology, Prospecting, Mining, Environment, Archeology, Works of art.

Portable Analyzer Z-300 GeoChem Pro

The only portable LIBS analyzer capable of doing field micro-analysis in the world. Users can configure the sweep according to a grid model, using the 100 μm point laser dot size for elementary mapping. For bulk samples, the Z can be set to obtain average results from each scanned location for a global sample result, just like portable XRF analysis.

Applications: Research, Metallurgy, Geology, Prospecting, Mining, Environment, Archeology, Works of Art.