LIBS Product Range

The product range of  SciAps Z series portable LIBS


From sophisticated analysis of ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to sorting of base materials or waste, SciAps, specialist and global leader, offers the widest range of portable LIBS analyzers in the world to meet your application, your needs and your budget.

Between the different models and the type and number of spectrometers the range of SciAps portable LIBS has more than 50 possible variants, if you cannot find yours below do not hesitate to contact us to design the one that perfectly meets your needs.


Main advantages of the SciAps Z series LIBS analyzer range:


Argon purge, analysis, or rapid sorting with air purge

The Z can use a built-in argon purge for high-precision analysis or QuickSort mode for rapid material sorting or quality identification with air purge. Depending on the element, the LIBS signal is 2 to 10 times higher when operating in argon purge rather than air.


The lightest and fastest LIBS analyzers

The latest Z Series are the lightest and fastest high-performance portable LIBS analyzers. Perfectly balanced, you can carry out analyzes without fatigue all day long. Wrist strap also included. Results displayed in 1 second, full test duration 3 seconds depending on applications.


Beam rastering (scanning)

The Z moves the laser to several different positions and automatically averages the results. Why do this? Since LIBS lasers are typically 50 µm in diameter, scanning a single location may not average inhomogeneities, even in vacuum-melted alloys. Additionally, if the laser hits an inclusion or embedded contaminant, an outlier result will be averaged across the scan. 50 years of LIBS scientific literature tells you that laser scanning is a “must have”.


No surface preparation, except for carbon analysis

The Z uses a 50Hz laser, firing 10 surface cleaning shots in 0.2 seconds to burn away surface contaminants, dirt, etc. The Z is the portable LIBS proven to analyze even the dirtiest samples without prior cleaning.


2 Cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

Photo-document samples and/or direct the laser on a specific area of the sample if necessary. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilitate data transfer and connectivity. USB connections also included.


Safety: Beyond pure performance, Z portable LIBS analyzers also ensure the best level of safety and comfort for its operators

The Z features a sample detection system that provides the safety of Class 1 laser conditions. If there is no sample present, the laser will not fire a single pulse, meaning that no stray laser light will be fired into empty space. If a sample is removed during testing, the laser stops immediately once the sample is a few mm away from the window. Because the Z will not fire into empty space, it can be used under Class 1 laser conditions. Thus, the Z provides the analytical benefits of a 3b laser in a device that can operate under Class 1 conditions. This safety advantage is only achievable with a low frequency millijoule type laser. High frequency class 3b lasers, like those of other available portable LIBS devices, cannot operate in this safety mode, and require laser safety training for operators combined with the wearing of protective glasses. The class 1 conformity certificate in France is available on request.

Detail of the range of portable LIBS analyzers

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-70

Our most competitive and affordable offer, portable LIBS analyzer perfectly dedicated and adapted to simple tasks and ultra-rapid sorting of metals and alloys.
Application : Metal recycling

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-901

Portable LIBS analyzer for the analysis of metals and alloys, allows sorting in air purge mode and analysis in argon purge mode.
Applications: Recycling, PMI/NDT

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-901 CSi

The Z-901 CSi portable LIBS analyzes carbon in stainless steels and carbon and silicon in low alloy steels. It is the missing link, an essential tool for our customers who already own a portable XRF and wish to complete their possibilities for analyzing metals and alloys at the best cost.
Applications: PMI/CND, Quality control

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-901 Li

The Z-901 Li is a portable LIBS analyzer dedicated to Lithium analysis, factory pre-calibrated for the analysis of lithium in pegmatites, clays and micas. It is the ideal complement for our customers who already own a portable XRF and who also wish to analyze lithium in the field.
Applications : Mining, Geology, Soils

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-902 C+

The Z-902 C+ portable LIBS analyzer is the World global and French reference for control and inspection companies for the analysis of metals and alloys in the field. With unique characteristics and performances, it can analyze carbon in low alloy, stainless and nickel steels, it also has an extended multi-base capacity, with the base alloys Iron, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium and Cobalt.
Applications : PMI/NDT, Quality control

Portable LIBS Analyzer Z-903

The Z-903 portable LIBS analyzer is the most advanced in the range, with an analysis range covering the entire periodic table of elements. It is the tool of choice for applications related to geosciences and research and development. Equipped with unique capabilities in the world, it is an open and versatile analyzer, on which the development of new applications is also possible. In its “GeoChem Pro” version it also has the ability to do elemental mapping.
Applications: Minerals, Geology, Soils, Environment, Research, Archaeometry, Academic, Metallurgy…

LIBS Analyzer for brines and liquids Z-9 “Liquidator”

The SciAps Z-9 liquidator system, a world first, is the combination of a Z-903 portable LIBS analyzer and a platform allowing the analysis of Lithium in brines. It is a unique and simple solution, without sample preparation. The Z-903 portable LIBS can also be used in portable mode outside of the docking station.
Applications: Analysis of Lithium and other elements in brines and liquids.