On Line, Process LIBS

Online and Process LIBS ABLATOM

A look forward to the new generation of Elemental Analysers for industry

There is perfect complementarity between process equipment, on the production or recycling line, and portable analysis equipment, used upstream or on the line.

They are based on the same innovative technique, in this case LIBS, and are used jointly at different stages of the process: Method development, rapid control of raw materials with the portable, continuous control of the production line or recycling with industrial process LIBS, fault analysis with the portable, etc.

LIBS, an innovative analysis technology, opens up new application fields previously impossible with usual techniques.

Taking this into account, we work in close collaboration with the French company ABLATOM, a specialist in industrial and process solutions.

ABLATOM is a globally recognized specialist in the development of LIBS analytical applications and elementary imaging.

We have many customers and many projects in common, the portable and process LIBS complement each other perfectly.

Entrust us with your project, QUANTUM-RX and ABLATOM will work together from A to Z to ensure the feasibility study, design and implementation on your production or recycling line.

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