LIBS Accessories

To meet the needs of its customers, Quantum-RX has developed several accessories dedicated to SciAps portable LIBS analyzers

Test Stand







The Docking Station (Test Stand) converts the entire range of SciAps portable LIBS analyzers into a benchtop device, either autonomously, on a battery, or directly on a mains power supply, in a fixed position. It allows the operator to work comfortably, without having to hold the analyzer in hand to perform analyzes. Removable and compact, it is possible to take it everywhere with you. The high resolution color camera integrated in the LIBS SciAps makes it possible to visualize in a very precise way the zone analyzed. Its open design allows the design of personalized sample holders. All wireless connectivity features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are operational when the analyzer is in its docking station, allowing you to export the measurement results in real time.









The 2 tripod models (XY and 3D) have been specifically developed for customers who need to perform height analysis in hard-to-reach areas, and are also used to precisely position LIBS analyzers without contact in the case of paintings or works of art for example. The high resolution color camera integrated in the SciAps LIBS makes it possible to visualize in a very precise way the analyzed zone. Robust and very stable, they are supplied with all their accessories in a dedicated transport case. It is possible to acquire measurements remotely via a PC using a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connection (5 meters cable supplied).

Adaptor kit for liquid samples





It is possible to adapt a kit to SciAps LIBS allowing them to analyze samples in liquid form, which makes it possible to quantify elements such as Lithium or Beryllium in solutions. The kit consists of a specific adapter to mount on the analyzer’s nose and specific sample cups. This kit can be used in conjunction with the LIBS docking station.