The lowest available service cost


Why so much less?

Service is a customer loyalty program, not a profit center.

The staff at SciAps has been designing, selling and servicing handheld X-ray units for more than 20 years. We know the stats, the actual costs, and the value of customer loyalty.

Defending your investment by design.

SciAps is defending your investment by design. End those budget busting broken detectors. Our X-ray service costs are less than half of any other brand. Laser is even lower because we make our own lasers and spectrometers.


Z-Series HH LIBS Analyzer Service Costs

  • The Laser

Laser Diode replacement  1.790,00 €HT

Internal Laser Components replacement  770,00 €HT

  • The Spectrometers

Mirror and/or Grating replacement  770,00 €HT

Collection Lens   650,00 €HT

  • Other spares

Display  535,00 €HT

Stage  300,00 €HT