Z-70 : Alloys Ultra-Fast Sorting

SciAps Z-70: Portable LIBS for ultra-rapid sorting of metals and alloys

The SciAps Z-70 portable LIBS is the ideal tool for ultra-rapid sorting of metals and has been designed from its design for the recycling sector, whose needs and constraints we are well aware of.

This new device integrates the same cutting-edge technologies that SciAps customers love into a pure sorting tool. The Z-70 is the easiest to use LIBS in the SciAps family for metal identification.

The Z-70 uses a 6 mJ/pulse laser which is the most powerful on the market on a portable LIBS intended for sorting. Traditional instruments use high repetition lasers of 150 μJ/pulse which are too weak to properly clean dirty surfaces.

This leads to erroneous alloy identifications and additional time to prepare the sample surface. All the time saved in analyzes compared to XRF is thus lost in sample preparation and in poor results.



The Z-70 is designed for use with real-world samples.

A built-in air pump ensures your window stays clean longer and analyzes remain accurate over time.


Keep unwanted dirt away:

The SciAps Z-70’s unique air pump filter effectively prevents unwanted dirt from entering the test chamber, reducing the need to constantly clean the chamber.

The Z-70 is also the most versatile instrument on the LIBS sorting market. It provides great flexibility in an easy-to-use format by allowing users to add their own alloy grades and make adjustments as necessary to meet your analytical needs.

The Z-70 can be calibrated for a single base or multiple bases. Even if a base is not calibrated, the Z-70 can easily distinguish the base material without giving misleading results.

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