XRF Product Range

The SciAps X series portable XRF analyzer product range


The SciAps X-Series is the world’s lightest, smallest, fastest and most accurate line of high-precision portable XRF analyzers. With the most recent models weighing less than 1.5 kg, see 1.3 kg for the X-500 series and lightning fast, they can be used all day without fatigue.

The vast range is broken down into two large families, the “classic”, but innovative X-50 and X-200, with an unrivaled price/performance/equipment ratio, and the X-500 series the most moderns portable XRF analyzers with an unparalleled ergonomic and form factor.

All SciAps portable XRF analyzers are of the latest generation and incorporate the latest technical innovations available. Running under Android, they are easy to use.

The X-50 & X-200 series:

They are all equipped as standard with modern features and equipment such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 cameras, quick and easy generation of PDF and Excel reports directly on the analyzer, without the need for third-party software, remote updating, customization menus, hot swapping of batteries without turning off the analyzer, etc.

The completely redesigned X-200 and X-50 are the lowest-cost XRF analyzers on the market, while delivering best-in-class analytical performance and speed, with all the precision and productivity of the X-500 series. Now with improved heat dissipation, reduced weight and a new user interface.

The X-500 series:

The X-500 series are Premium portable XRF analyzers. Weighing 1.3 kg, the X-500 Series analyzers are the lightest analyzers ever created, featuring an aluminum housing for durability and long operating cycles without overheating. The narrow, slim form factor allows access to the most difficult test locations, with the latest 2.7″ (68.6mm) screen for viewing analysis results.

Detail of the range of portable XRF analyzers

X-50 Portable XRF Analyzer

Our most competitive and affordable offering, portable XRF analyzer perfectly suited for simple tasks and routine analysis, with simple SDD detector. Applications: Recycling, basic PMI/CND, Precious Metals, Ores, Soils.

X-200 Portable XRF analyzer

Portable XRF analyzer with extended elemental range, fast measurement time and high performance, with large active area SDD detector, excellent value for money. Applications: Recycling, PMI/CND, Precious Metals, Ores, Geology, Soils, Environment, Consumer goods, Research, Archaeometry, Academic

X-5 Portable XRF Analyzer

The SciAps X-5 portable XRF is an excellent choice for performing basic analyzes of transition metals and heavy metals. Equipped with a simple SDD detector it is designed for users who do not need to measure Mg, Al, Si, S or P in alloys or other materials, but want to benefit from the size and ergonomics of the X-500 series. Applications: Recycling, basic PMI/CND, Precious Metals.

X-505 Portable XRF Analyzer

Premium portable XRF analyzer, powerful X-ray tube and high resolution SDD detector, offering the small size, the blazing speed and high precision of the SciAps X Series in a perfectly balanced device. Applications: Recycling, PMI/CND, Precious Metals, Ores, Geology, Soils, Environment, Consumer goods, Research, Archaeometry, Academic.

X-550 Portable XRF Analyzer

High-end portable XRF analyzer with very high performance. Equipped with a 5 watt X-ray tube capable of reaching 50 kV and 500 µA, this analyzer exceeds the performance of most analyzers available on the market in terms of analysis time and detection limits, especially on light elements. Its version for metals and alloys is sold with a specific program to sort all aluminum alloys in 2 to 4 seconds. Applications: Recycling, PMI/CND, Aluminum, Precious Metals, Ores, Geology, Soils, Environment, Consumer goods, Research, Archaeometry, Academic.

X-550 Pb Portable XRF Analyzer

A specific version of the X-550 dedicated to the analysis of lead in paints, with an electrical generator X tube, therefore without a radioactive source. It is scalable and can also be equipped with other optional applications (Soils, Environment, RoHS,) to analyze more elements than just lead. Applications: Lead in paints, Lead in dust, Lead in soils, others optional.

On-Line X-550 XRF Analyzer

The XRF X-550 is also available in a specific designed version without batteries and intended for machinery or process integration and communication with PLCs or PCs in the context of online analysis applications, automation or robotization. Applications: Minerals, Geology, Soils, Environment, Research, Archaeometry.

X-555 Portable XRF Analyzer

The SciAps X-555 portable XRF analyzer is the first and only analyzer of its type to be equipped with a 55 kV electrical generator X tube. It exists in 2 versions, for the analysis of rare earths (including La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu and Y) in ores and one for pollution by heavy metals in soils, with detection limits 2 times better than other XRFs. Applications: Minerals, Geology, Soils, Environment.