Belec de-tect

Belec de-tect

An ultra-portable and high-performance optical emission spectrometry (OES) metal analyzer:

A new ultra-portable version of spark analyzer, capable of analyzing carbon, sulfur and phosphorus in steels directly in the field with remarkable precision.

It is available with factory calibrations for Iron, Nickel, Aluminum and Copper bases.

Once again Belec – inventor of mobile optical emission spectrometers, redefines a new standard in terms of portability for our customers who expect the best possible analysis precision in the field.

The new Belec metal analyzer, combined with the new “FUSION PROBE” design of its probe, meets all your expectations and the highest performance/portability compromise.

With a weight of only 12 kg, it is easy to transport to almost any location and it is optionally possible to have an (umbilical) cable up to 10 m long between the probe and the analyzer.

The Fusion probe with display and integrated touch screen allows easy and full access to all functions.



Main features of Belec de-tect:

– Longest cable/umbilical on the market, virtually any length, easy access to hard to reach parts.

– Low argon consumption, low operating costs.

– Screen and display directly on the probe, greater comfort and better ergonomics.

– Robust optical/probe design, analyzes are done directly in the probe, no need for fiber replacement due to aging.

– Easy to use user interface.

– Post-analytical calculations possible simply (Add/Modify CE or other formulas.

– Integrated and customizable alloy grade library.

– Temperature stabilized, ready for all climates!

– The highest level of accuracy and precision (including UV C, P, S elements), and even for trace elements.

– A PMI / CND analyzer designed for the field.

– Adapters for virtually all sample shapes and sizes.

– Reinforced plastic housing with aircraft-grade aluminum, moisture resistant.

– Requires almost no maintenance.

Optic Double spectrometer with flat field CCD
Detectors, purged with argon for UV elements (C, S, P), integrated into Fusion-ProbeWavelength range: 170 – 420 nm
MCDC system (Multi Matrix Drift Correction)
Sparking Probe “Fusion” probe with integrated optics and 5” touch screen
Low argon consumption
Almost maintenance free
Wear-free electrode
Adapter for wires, tubes, etc.
Source Max Frequency 400 Hz
Unipolar discharge
Dimensions Length: 50cm
Height: 36 cm
Width: 18 cm
Weight Main unit : 12.5 kg
Probe : 2.4 kg
Power supply 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz
Optional battery
11 W/Standby, 670 W/Analysis
Software NEW Belec LABOES software
Customer-specific programs
Automatic identification of alloy grades
Integrated and dynamic alloy libraries
Data export via WIFI, USB in multiple formats
Produits annexes