Z-9 Liquidator : Brines and Liquids Analysis

Z-9 Liquidator

The world’s first and only portable lithium brine analyzer using LIBS technology, the Z-9 Liquidator.

Combined with the Z-903 portable LIBS, the Z-9 Liquidator allows for quick and easy analysis of brines in the field or laboratory. This revolutionary technique requires only 1-2 ml of sample per test, with no dilution necessary. The Z-9 Liquidator samples the liquid and atomizes it into a fine mist which is then analyzed by the Z-903 LIBS. Within seconds, the concentration of Li and other key elements are displayed on a connected PC.

  • Fast

No more waiting days, weeks, or even months to get the results of complicated laboratory techniques!

  • Easy

Simply insert your sample into the Z-9 liquidator and the composition of your lithium brine is displayed in seconds!

  • Accurate

Based on a SciAps Z-903 portable LIBS analyzer and equipped with factory calibration of lithium in brines. Users can also develop a custom calibration through the Profile Builder software to further optimize performance, add elements, etc.

  • Versatile

With a small footprint and lightweight but durable construction, the SciAps Z-9 Liquidator is perfect in the lab, factory or even in the field! Transport is easy to analyze brines at the well or evaporation ponds.


Do you have solids or rocks to analyze?

Simply undock the Z-903 Portable Analyzer from the Z-9 Liquidator and you are free to move around with it! Test rocks, cores, pressed samples and more! Factory calibrations are available for pegmatites, clays, mica schists, etc.

Weight Z-9 Liquidator 7 kg + LIBS Z-903 with battery 2,2 kg
Dimensions 24 x 28 x 42 cm
Analysis time 5 secondes by test
Spectrale range Z-903 190 – 950 nm
Calibrations Factory calibrations for lithium brines or user-created calibrations via PC Profile Builder software
Sample Volume ~ 1 ml by test
Power Supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz or optional battery
Drift Correction Integrated automated drift correction software with factory or user supplied reference materials.

Video demo

SciAps Z-9 Liquidator

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