XRF Accessories

To meet the needs of its customers, Quantum-RX has developed several accessories dedicated to SciAps portable XRF analyzers:

XRF Docking Station (Test Stand)

The new docking station (Test Stand) makes it possible to convert the entire range of SciAps portable XRF analyzers into a benchtop device, autonomously, on battery, or directly on a mains power supply, in a fixed station. It allows the operator to work comfortably, without having to hold the analyzer in hand to carry out analyses. It also constitutes an asset in terms of safety when the operator must analyze small parts. The docking station is equipped with fans that allow intensive use of the analyzer.


Ultra-Portable Docking Station

This accessory, ultra light and very easy to transport, allows you to work comfortably and safely in the field. Suitable for the analysis of small samples, such as XRF cups (Soils, Ores) or small parts (Jewelry, precious metals, Wipes, etc.)

Soils adapter

This adapter, “Soil Foot”, allows you to carry out analyzes of soils or other surfaces without having to hold the analyzer, thereby reducing operator fatigue in the case of long and/or repeated analyses.


The 2 tripod models (X-Y and 3D) have been specifically developed for customers who need to carry out analyzes at height, in difficult to reach spaces, and are also used to very precisely position the XRF analyzers, without contact in the case of paintings or works of art for example. The high-resolution color camera integrated into the SciAps XRF allows very precise visualization of the analyzed area. Robust and very stable, they are supplied with all their accessories in a dedicated carrying case. It is possible to acquire measurements remotely via a PC using a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connection (5-meter cable provided).