Z-901 Li : lithium analyzer

Analysis of lithium in rocks and ores

The world’s only portable analyzer that analyzes lithium in rocks, ores and powders, an ideal complement for our customers who already own a portable XRF analyzer.

Used worldwide for lithium exploration projects, without transport constraints or X-ray licensing issues.

Precise elemental analysis:

Factory calibrated for lithium in pegmatite, clays and mica schists, including relevant basic elements in the range 380 – 680 nm.

Microanalysis capability with a laser spot size of 100 um. Built-in Y stage for laser scanning to different locations for targeted analysis or averaging.

Designed for the field and laboratory.

The SciAps Z-901 series portable LIBS analyzers, weighing only 1.75 kg with battery, feature an internal camera for precise targeting of the analysis area as well as a macro camera for photo-documentation of samples, barcode and QR code reading, a patented “sample sensor” that enables class 1 operation, a high-resolution rear-facing display for easy viewing, an aluminum housing for maximum durability, a narrow muzzle for hard-to-reach analysis locations, and a user-replaceable argon cartridge allows for hundreds of analyses.



SciAps Z-901 Lithium Specifications

Modele Range Best Application
Z-901 li 350–675 nm SciAps Z Series is the world’s only handheld analyzer offering in-field, instant analysis of lithium in rocks, ores, powders, and brines — in use globally for lithium exploration projects, with no travel restrictions or licensing headaches.

Video demo

Quantitative Analysis with Z-901 Lithium LIBS
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