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Portable LIBS Analyzer for Geochemistry and Mineralogy

Dear visitor, we inform you that this product is no longer marketed, it is now replaced by the Z-903, we nevertheless let you browse the various application notes and downloadable documents, which are still relevant.

The Z-300 accomplishes what no other portable analyzer has done. It’s a handheld analyzer that measures every element in the Periodic Table.

The Z-300 is revolutionary. It’s the most portable, high performance LIBS analyzer ever created. Its advanced technology includes a stacked, high resolution spectrometer that spans from 190 nm – 950 nm, thus covering the emission lines for every element from H to U. The spectrometer can be operated in either gated or ungated mode. It uniquely features an on-board argon purge to deliver higher-precision, quantitative results; laser burst surface cleaning and rastering to eliminate grinding or surface prep and improved accuracy. The Z’s Android-based operating system is as friendly and intuitive as a Smartphone, and it supports numerous analytical Apps for a variety of sample types.
SciAps field portable LIBS and XRF analyzers provide instant analysis of major and trace elements. Get the entire picture for research, exploration, grade control, block modeling, process optimization and environmental clean-up.
Analyze Any Mineral, Any Element, Anyplace on the Planet.
The Z analyzes elements FPXRF can’t

The Z offers greatly improved analysis of several major elements compared to FPXRF


The GeoChem App

Traditional Bulk Sample Analysis – SciAps Z handheld LIBS offers quantitative testing on a more comprehensive element suite than fpXRF with the GeoChem App. Analyze samples using factory calibrations or build your own user defined   calibrations  using SciAps proprietary Profile BuilderTM PC software. SciAps Geo-Chem App allows easy collection of metadata, conversion of element to oxide, user selectable units  of measurement between ppm and %.

The GeoChem Pro App

Ground-breaking in-field microanalysis for geological materials. Map elemental distribution within minerals, veins and inclusions. Create and export element maps, spectral data at individual locations and import data into third party geochemical analysis software (ioGAS) for advanced analysis of data

Z-300 GeoChem Pro

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  • Geochemistry, Mineralogy
  • Prospection, Production, Environnemental
  • Research, Archeology, Archeometry

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Generate analysis reports in PDF format
Tutorial on cleaning the window of our LIBS Z200C +
Conference on LIBS at the Industrial Analysis Exhibition co-hosted in part by Quantum RX
Elementary mapping function on our portable LIBS analyzer Z300 GeoChemPro
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