CHEM 200

Portable Raman Analyzer

Smarter analyzer

It’s the product requested by military, law enforcement and first responder users of older-generation Raman analyzers. We asked, “What do you want in your next generation Raman analyzer?” They said a small and easy to use like a Smartphone, advanced libraries and algorithms for today’s explosives and ever-changing narcotics and cutting agents. Because the CHEM-200 is Android-based it offers on board HazmasterG3 “so what does that mean” decision support software (English language only), more flexible accessories and sampling – all at nearly half the price of their existing Raman analyzers.

Decision Support Software

The CHEM-200 includes the most widely used decision support software, HazmasterG3. It operates on the Android platform and therefore runs HazmasterG3 as an on-board App. Data from the chemical detector is transferred seamlessly into HazmasterG3, without need for external tablets, PCs, and no wires, no cables, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communications.

Smarter Analysis

The CHEM-200 includes a macro-camera for photo-documentation of samples tested, or to read 2D bar codes for sample logging and tracking. The CHEM-200 is complete touch-screen driven, useable with or without gloves. It powers on in seconds, performs automated self-checks and is ready to test materials in seconds. The high intensity source and close-in spectrometer design delivers initial analysis in a few seconds, with full statistically solid material ID in as little as 10 seconds. Laser power is adjustable, and test start may be delayed for up to 2 minutes for suspected explosive materials.

Smarter Testing & Accessories

The CHEM-200 features continuous and preset adjustable laser focus. Eliminate the most common error whereby the laser is focused on the sample holder rather than the sample material itself. The CHEM-200 offers two vial sizes – the standard 15 ml and smaller 8 ml vials – in one vial holder. The 8 ml vials need less sample, often a benefit when analyzing explosives. Also available is the right-angle adapter for bagged materials, and the “adjustable pointer” for testing through thick plastic bags or a variety of plastic or glass wall thickness with bottles.

QRX Chem200 Portable

  • Large, Vibrant 5.5″ color touch screen display
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS on-board (can be hardware disabled)
  • Powered by Li-ion batteries
  • Meets IP67 & Mil Spec 810g standards
  • Explosives
  • Drugs
  • Controled substances
  • Hazardous materials