Z-300: Analyze The Entire Periodic Table

Environment and geology

Portable LIBS analyzer of the entire periodic table

Dear visitor, we inform you that this product is no longer marketed, it is now replaced by the Z-903, we nevertheless let you browse the various application notes and downloadable documents, which are still relevant.

The Z-300 accomplishes what no other portable analyzer has done. It’s a handheld analyzer that measures every element in the Periodic Table.

The Z-300 is revolutionary. It’s the most portable, high performance LIBS analyzer ever created. Its advanced technology includes a stacked, high resolution spectrometer that spans from 190 nm – 950 nm, thus covering the emission lines for every element from H to U. The spectrometer can be operated in either gated or ungated mode. It uniquely features an on-board argon purge to deliver higher-precision, quantitative results; laser burst surface cleaning and rastering to eliminate grinding or surface prep and improved accuracy. The Z’s Android-based operating system is as friendly and intuitive as a Smartphone, and it supports numerous analytical Apps for a variety of sample types.

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  • Weight : 4 lbs with battery
  • Dimensions :  8.25” x 11.5” x 4.5”
  • Spectrometer/Range Multiple CCD based spectrometers: Z-200 range 190 nm – 625 nm,  Z-300 range 190 nm – 950 nm.
  • Analytical Range : Z-300:  One or more lines from all elements in periodic table.
  • Most Powerful Laser
  • High speed laser cleaning shots : Eliminates most surface sample prep.
  • Argon Purge : Precision and detection limits improve by up to 10x with argon purge.
  • Eliminates bad burns : On-board camera and laser targeting eliminates poor quality “burns,”
  •  Android OS and Data SHARE Apps.  Share data direct to phone, sync with any computer globally, print to wireless printers.  Eliminate inefficient data downloading forever
  • Scrap/Recycling
  • General Materials Analysis
  • GeoChem

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Generate analysis reports in PDF format
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