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Element Pro

Fast, precise and portable

Analyze all of the elements on the periodic table in seconds!

Introducing the Z Series handheld LIBS analyzer, with the ElementPro App

The Z-500 is the world’s most advanced handheld analyzer using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). It features a spectral range of 190 nm – 850 nm (extendable to 930 nm) allowing it to measure lines from every element in the periodic table. The Z features a powerful laser capable of operating at 5-6 mj/pulse, with user-settable surface cleaning shots and beam rastering. The integrated, user-replaceable argon purge delivers greatly improved precision and detection limits, compared to air-based analysis.

Combine this with the on-board camera/video and the Z is great for analyzing homogenous samples, specific regions within a sample and coated materials.

The settable nature of cleaning and rastering means you can setup the analyzer to test any kind of sample – homogeneous materials, inclusions or veins in a material or small components, and coatings. Successive same-spot laser shots burn through surface material either for cleaning or depth profiling. Laser rastering provides sample average over several locations – one key to repeatability.


How ElementPro Works

Test any sample, no calibrations needed.
After a few seconds, the Z examines the spectral data, and searches the on-board proprietary library of LIBZ emission lines and relative emission strengths built for the entire Periodic Table of the Elements. As shown in Fig. 1, the Z displays the list of all elements found in the sample, with a “likelihood” rating and an estimated relative abundance. Elements that have a high probability of being present, because most or all of their emission lines were detected, are in green.


Spectral viewing

Need to examine one or more elements? Simply tap on an element icon and the Z’s software zooms to the spectral regions for that element. Tap on any line and the software zooms into the spectral region around that specific emission line. It also shows a green vertical indicator wherever emission lines should be. This allows instant visual confirmation of elemental presence.

Analyzing the Periodic Table of Elements for any sample just got faster, better and portable!
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Element Pro

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